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Locally Grown Power

LGP is creating the first ever non-profit, locally-based, solar panel assembly factory. Addressing California's Top 4 Priorities: Carbon Mitigation, Economic Stimulus, Job Creation, and Environmental Justice.
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50 Home Challenge

Only 50 Spots Available! SIGN UP TODAY for your FREE Energy Assessment and Follow-Up Consultation, and learn more about the benefits of our new state-wide initiative to retrofit homes.
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Claremont Energy Challenge

We're working hard on the Claremont Energy Challenge, a two-year initiative for the Georgetown University Energy Prize. Click here to go to the CEC website and learn more!
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The CHERP Network

Cities, energy experts, businesses, contractors and homeowners creating local solutions to global problems.

Infrared Photography

Many of our houses are built more like a cardboard box than thermos. An infrared camera can show all the heat leaking out!


CHERP has retrofitted almost 400 homes in Claremont, mitigated 600 tons of carbon and educated nearly 6,000 Americans about the value of energy efficiency.
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Comfort & Savings

After a Home Energy Retrofit, your home will be remarkably comfortable, and annual energy savings may range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.
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Our Mission

The goal of CHERP is to help homeowners reduce the energy consumption of their homes by making effective whole-house energy-efficiency improvements.

Cities & Communities

CHERP revitalizes communities, creates jobs and helps homeowners save thousands of dollars per year.

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Does your home have hot or cold rooms? Are you spending too much on energy bills? A Home Energy Retrofit can help.

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Partner with CHERP and grow your business, help drive energy efficiency nationwide, and help local families in need.

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Retailers, Manufactures, Mortgage Brokers, Appriasers, Realtors, Banks and Merchants are getting involved.

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A savvy Realtor, by educating their clients in sustainability issues, can add tremendous real value to real estate. 

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Comprehensive city engagement around the powerful benefits of energy efficiency yeilds amazing results.

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