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Understanding that every community is unique, CHERP is designed to provide a large degree of flexibility for cities and communities interested in taking advantage of the wide range of benefits that CHERP affords. The 5-step plan outlined below is intended to be a general but flexible outline for communities interested in getting started:

Step 1:  City Discovery, Education and Goal-Setting Roundtables

CHERP will facilitate roundtable discussions with key city staff, elected and appointed officials and key members of the community to deliver the following outcomes:

  • Educate on the benefits of energy efficiency technologies
  • Discover key issues affecting energy efficiency goals
  • Identify program champions
  • Determine initial level of city involvement with CHERP - This ranges from no official endorsement but awareness and neutrality, to the city devoting staff time for meeting with CHERP on a regular basis and assisting in communications, data collection, collateral materials, and directing funds to the effort.
  • Create an Endorsement Statement or a Plan of Action for CHERP Launch

Step 2:  Community Organizations and Core Group Round-up

The Individuals above will join together as a Core Group in a workshop to jointly discuss and design your community-wide CHERP initiative with the following goals:

  • Deeply educate the Core Group of the benefits and procedures of retrofitting buildings for energy efficiency
  • Determine the best methods of marketing and educating the community in the benefits of energy efficiency
  • Determine methods to incentivize energy efficiency retrofits in homes
  • Decide which CHERP Initiatives can be applied to your city and prioritize the roll-out
  • Aligne Best-of-Class home performance and solar contractors, and appropriate manufacturers
  • Set launch goals and designate key people to champion various aspects of CHERP

Step 3:   Community Organization Presentations and Education

Key Organization Staff and membership within a specific organization (i.e., Rotary Club, League of Women Voters, etc.); CHERP recommends the goal of targeting a minimum of 5 community organizations for initial education and presentation of the opportunity of engagement with CHERP.

Format: CHERP will be lead presenter, and will relate education and discussion to the specific organization in the following key areas:

  • Energy efficiency education and its benefits for the community
  • Opportunities for discussion about the Organization’s mission, and its relationship to sustainability and energy efficiency
  • Opportunities for raising funds for their organization while participating in helping the city achieve energy efficiency goals

Step 4:  Communitywide Education Workshops

Once the initiative and plan has been defined, rollout of community-wide energy efficiency workshops through grassroots marketing and word-of-mouth promotion to homeowners by each of the sponsoring organizations and the community.  The workshops will deliver...

  • 4 reasons why energy is at the heart of the matter
  • Global and state challenges around the issues of energy
  • Power of energy efficiency and its high return on investment for homeowners and local communities
  • Exciting new technologies available to us through building science
  • 10 major benefits to homeowners through energy efficiency retrofits
  • How cities can meet their energy goals through energy efficiency retrofits
  • How attendees can become meaningful members of CHERP and sign up for energy assessments

Step 5:  Advisory and Consulting to the Ongoing CHERP Mission

On an as-needed basis, CHERP will remain accessible to assist in troubleshooting any issues affecting your city’s CHERP network and aiding the Core Group with decisions that impact future growth. CHERP will share best practices from other CHERP networks and city initiatives through email updates, webinars, the website, and Peer-to-Peer Corps Group Roundtables as opportunities arise.

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