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The CHERP Network:

Driving Energy Efficiency
and Economic Recovery

Homeowner Participation Agreement

CHERP’s primary objective is for homeowners to maximize building energy reductions, dollar savings, comfort, health, air quality, durability and to minimize project and opportunity costs.

CHERP Benefits for Homeowners:

(1) Multiple Education Resources in Building Science, Rebates and Financing options

(2) Free CHERP Home Energy Assessment Certificate (normally costing up to $400) from a local Best-Of-Class Contractor

(3) In some cities: receive extra local rebates for retrofits and building permits

(4) Pre-Approval for and Identification of lowest cost Financing and Rebate Options available in your area

(5) Introduction to a local Best-of-Class Contractor, certified and experienced in whole-systems retrofits (Homeowners are not required to use contractors who meet CHERP’s Best-Of-Class criteria)

(6) Pre and Post Retrofit Data Collection on all local CHERP retrofits quantifying individual and community-wide energy savings and economic development

(7) On-going Community Development and Engagement in stimulating the local economy and energy use reduction

(8) CHERP yard sign and T-shirt

(9)  A home that is dramatically more comfortable, cheaper, healthier, safer, quieter, cleaner, more durable and more valuable!


For Best Results and Maximum ROI, CHERP suggests that Homeowners:

(1) Take advantage of as many CHERP Educational Opportunities as you have time for

(2) Fill out the CHERP on-line Pre-Approval for Financing Form to identify your best, lowest-cost options

(3) Fill out the CHERP on-line Request for Best-Of-Class Contractor Introduction

(4) Share your Pre and Post Data with CHERP by having your contractor fill out the CHERP Data Collection form

(5) Share your 12 month pre and post-retrofit energy bills with CHERP

(6) Write a review on CHERP and the Contractor that you use

(7) Throw an Energy Party at your home to share your experience with your friends and neighbors!

No Obligation:

There is no cost or obligation to the Homeowner associated with CHERP education classes and homeowners are free to engage any contractor of their choosing.  NOTE: CHERP assumes no responsibility for work performed by “Best-of-Class” contractors. Additional CHERP financial incentives from participating cities and all rebates are limited to those who participate in the Energy Upgrade California program.