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Steps for Homeowners

Step 1:  Learn 

Why should you retrofit your home or building? We offer many Homeowner Awareness and Education Opportunities. Learn more about the technology and benefits of an energy efficiency retrofit below. If you already know the basics and want to find the best contractor in your area now, go right to step two!

Step 2:  Get your CHERP Assessment Discount Certificate and find a "Best-of-Class" Home Performance Contractor

  • Fill out the form below to qualify for a CHERP Assessment Certificate that will give you a substanital discount on the standard price of an Assessment and we will have a certified Home Performance contractor contact you.
  • What is a Best-of-Class Home Performance Contractor?
  • Read some Real Stories about the lost opportunities and high costs of not choosing the best contractor for the job.

Step 3:  Get an Energy Assessment and a Master-Plan

Each home is unique; an Energy Assessment will help determine the most cost-effective upgrades for your home based on your current energy usage, energy saving goals and budget.

  • We suggest that you use Best-of-Class Home Performace Contractors to do your Energy Assessment. You may, of course, use any contractor you choose. There is no requirement from CHERP that you use a Best-of-Class Contractor.
  • Once the assessment is complete, your Best-of-Class Contractor will give you a Master Plan (not all contractors do this) outlining the most cost effective upgrade options and their recommended Loading Order with their costs and benefits explained.

Step 4:  Retrofit your home to the level you can currently afford

Whether you choose a comprehensive retrofit right now or a staged (or "phased") retrofit, your home will be more comfortable, durable, efficient with energy, with increased indoor air quality and safety for your family. 

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