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How it Works

How it Works.

CHERP has found that a true, grass-roots, city and community engagement program must be in place for wide-spread action to occur. For Homeowners by the thousands to actually commit to investing the time and the money to retrofit their buildings, they must be educated in the power and multiple benefits of energy efficiency. A fully engaged city – with multiple points of engagement - is the only solution to inspiring action because there are only local solutions to this enormous global challenge.

CHERP Helps Overcome the Barriers to Community-wide Engagement

There are two major barriers to the rapid deployment of existing and proven energy saving technologies in buildings throughout your city in order to meet your city’s energy reduction goals and AB32 requirements – cities must fully engage and address both barriers.

(1) Too few homeowners know about these readily available technologies and their benefits.

(2) Too few contractors understand whole-house energy efficiency systems and have the capabilities for installing them in order to retrofit buildings to the highest levels of efficiency possible.

With CHERP’s help and consulting advice, a City can become fully engaged and can effectively overcome these two barriers.  CHERP will help you encourage and facilitate Best-of-Class Contractor participation, creating successful Public-Private partnerships that stimulate economic growth and create jobs right here at home.  And CHERP can provide your City with effective Homeowner Awareness and Education Programs through targeted Best-Practice Initiatives that stimulate the demand for these necessary energy efficiency retrofits. When successful, you will achieve your energy reduction goals, raise demand for energy efficiency retrofits resulting in lower energy costs and local job creation, which in turn, results in more money spent locally on goods and services and increases local real estate values and tax revenues.  It’s a win-win-win.