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Jack Frost

CHERP Sacramento Regional Director and President, SMI Eco-Fund


 Jack Frost is a 42-Year Mortgage Banking veteran who sold his Mortgage Bank to Centex Homes in the early 90's. Jack is currently President of Green Earth Equities of Sacramento and the "Founder" and President of the SMI Eco-Fund. The SMI Eco-Fund is an alternative financing program designed to allow real estate investors to use "leverage" to acquire foreclosed homes and to maximize "return on investment" by including "Energy-efficient" upgrades that significantly reduce utility bills.

Jack currently serves as a Commissioner on the Sacramento Human Rights Fair Housing Commission and serves on the Sacramento Habitat for Humanity Family Selection Committee. Jack has recently been appointed as the Sacramento Regional Director for the "Community Home Energy Retrofit Program" also known as "CHERP" and is responsible for expanding CHERP to the 22 cities and 6 counties comprising the Greater Sacramento Region.

Jack also serves on the Washington D.C. "SAVE Act" Coalition. The SAVE Act is an amendment to Senate Bill 1392 promoting energy-efficiency and if enacted will allow real estate appraisers to increase home values based energy-efficient improvements and will allow new homebuyers to qualify for higher loan amounts on energy-efficiency homes.
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