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Steps for PEEPS

PEEPS = Professional Energy Education Partners

PEEPs are business professionals within a CHERP community that see personal and professional value in promoting energy efficiency. If you are a Realtor, Property Manager, Manufacturer, Retailer, Mortgage Broker, Appraiser, Material Distributor, Bank, Restaurant or Merchant, please contact us at CHERP to see how we can help you increase your business, create more value for your clients and provide you a powerful, tax-deductible way to support your local economy and your city’s sustainability goals.

Step 1:  Get educated in the tremendous ROI and multiple benefits of energy efficiency in your home, offices, business model, and community.

  • PEEP workshops and in-house seminars for your business
  • Access PEEP webinars (The Economics of Energy Efficiency) and (How you can partner with CHERP to stimulate the local economy)

Step 2:   Sign up to be one of our CHERP PEEPs and start earning your Merit Badges!

  • PEEP Benefits Packages and Opportunities by Industry Sector


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