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What if My House is New, or Already has Insulation?

Many homeowners are skeptical of replacing insulation for one of two reasons: there's no point of reference to know whether or not their insulation is performing, or their home is new and they can't imagine the insulation needs to be replaced.

It's understandable, there's no smarphone app that can read the thermal resistance of a home, and it's easy to attribute a cold upstairs to that drafty old window. But quite often, insulation is part of the problem.

The unfortunate truth is that, too frequently, insulation is poorly installed (even in new homes). Furthermore, subtle air currents within walls and crawlspaces - resulting from deficiencies in the building envelope - adversely affect insulation R-values. R-value is a measurement of thermal resistance, and when air is allowed to travel over insulation, its R-value is reduced. Finally, many types of insulation settle overtime, becoming gradually less effective.

Adding correctly installed insulation that needs attention or replacing will make a home significantly more comfortable, and certainly help with heating and cooling bills. It should definitely be a consideration in any energy retrofit effort. 

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