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What is the Importance of Air Sealing?

CHERP believes energy efficiency is a goal worth pursuing. It can not only improve our lives now, but help secure the health of our planet for future generations. For many homeowners looking to take action, there's no better starting point than air sealing.

When we talk air sealing, we're thinking about the building envelope. The building envelope is the layer that separates the internal and external environments of a home. When there are deficiencies in the building envelope, energy is wasted heating and cooling the outdoors. To patch up those cracks and crevices, there is air sealing. It's an extremely cost-effective method for improving our energy usage. In fact, the United States Department of Energy estimates that you can expect savings upwards of 10-20% on your energy bill from air sealing work.

Simply put, it's important. Air sealing addresses the subtlest issues that have the biggest impact. The chimney effect, for example, is a structural problem where air enters the home through flaws in the foundation, traveling up through the home and out the attic. This cycle constantly wastes energy, and much more than you'd think. And while the chimney effect is wasting energy (and money), it's reducing the performance of insulation. The R-value of insulation, or the measurement of thermal resistance, doesn't take airflow into account. Insulation can't optimally function when air is traveling over it, furthering our energy losses.   

So, we air seal. We stop wasting and we start saving. Our homes become more comfortable, our energy bills more bearable, and our buildings become way more comfortable.